The Lyric Function series.


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Later Work

These images are named after the movements of Alban Berg's Lyric Suite for string quartet. The use of the term function is a dedication to the composer Gottfried Michael Koenig, who as a teacher has been one of the major influences in developing the principles underlying my art work.

The aspect ratio is based on a generalization of the golden section. The original images are rendered at a resolution of 5000 x 2718 pixels. Click on the images to see them at 1250 x 680.

function Allegretto gioviale

function Glirande mionatico

function Andante amoroso

function Vialegresto horgo

function Allegro misterioso

function Trio Estatico

function Teriando gorioso

function Adagio appassionato

function Fargando amorgo

function Presto delirando

function Terionato estenebro

function Largo desolato

1991 - 2000