1731 Ellis St Apt 34
Concord, CA 94520
Phone: 415-407-3697
Email: keesvp(at)gmail.com
Web: http://www.kees.cc/

Kees van Prooijen

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Objective A creative software research and development position.


Personal Projects


Extending IL (proprietary functional scripting language)

This is the current incarnation of the language that previously was named Intercol. More information here: http://www.kees.cc/il/

Latest achievements:

  • Integration with Oculus, both graphics and sound.
  • Implementing an original sound synthesis engine, with both recording and real time performance capabilities. Emphasis on complex analytical signal processing.
  • Making the language multi-threaded, also separating main interpreter, and OpenGL working thread.
  • Implementing complex mesh manipulating library, including ‘organically’ growing capacity through strictly local vertex operations.
  • Extending type system with (geometric algebraic) multi-vectors, dual numbers and dual quaternions.
  • Integration with OpenGL 4.x and OpenSceneGraph.
  • Automatic differentiation of multidimensional functional maps.

February 2015 - June 2016    Roblox San Mateo, CA

Senior Studio Engineer



October 2014 - December 2014    Atheer Labs Mountain View, CA

OpenGL Software Engineer

  • 3D SDK development for Augmented Reality glasses
    • Linux
    • Java
    • C++
    • OpenGL-ES
    • Android

May-June 2014    Britelite Immersive San Francisco, CA

Software Developer - Contract


September 2013-March 2014    Forio San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer

  April 2013-July 2013 Outward Inc. San Jose, CA

Senior Platform Architect

  • interactive scene assembling prototype
  • prototype for gestural camera control
  • reconstruction of objects with cylindrical symmetry from images
  • shape classification research
  • evaluation of several ray-trace options
  June 2010-January 2013 AiLive Inc Mountain View, CA

Member of Technical Staff

  • Developing an AI system for behavior capture and - reproduction
    • PC Game prototyping
    • Machine learning
  • Smart TV UI development with wireless 6D controller
    • Android NDK
    • OpenGL-ES
  September 2007-June 2010 Total Immersion Software Alameda, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developing a system to generate 3D models from photographs. (Computer vision, multiple image geometry)
    • Technologies: Qt, .NET, C++/CLI, Matlab
  • Implementing a procedural sky with animated cloud cover and accurate sun and moon position and phases for Total Immersion's RealWorld product.
    • Technologies: Emergent Gamebryo, DirectX, HLSL
  November 2001-March 2007 Maxis (Electronic Arts) Emeryville, CA

Sr. Software Engineer I

Spore prototyping

  • Started in prototyping team of 3 engineers (+ Will Wright, who is chief designer of Spore, and before that of 'The Sims' and 'SimCity')
  • creature editor for articulated bodies
  • Genetic algorithm for development of nervous systems for these, optimizing locomotion efficiency. Used technologies: OpenGL, ODE and my own language IL ( http://www.kees.cc/il/ )
  • Artificial evolution of body plans based on L-Systems with linear genetic code and network based development stages

Spore production

  • Procedural animation systems based on high-level scripting language
  • Walking algorithm for creatures with any number of legs, in random configuration.
  • Some of this work is reflected in the Siggraph 2008 paper: "Real-time motion retargeting to highly varied user-created morphologies"
  • Unified two level animation/behavior system:
    • body parts in creatures
    • creatures in group
  • Used technologies: LUA and Havok.
  • This was basically the creature animation as demonstrated by Will at GDC in 2005.
  • Texture atlas generation for dynamic content by implementing LSCM (least squares conformal mapping).

July 2001-October 2001 Contractor Mill Valley, CA

  • Made an Open-GL port for GIG 3DGO
  May 1999-Feb 2001 E-Color San Francisco, CA

Sr. Development Engineer

  • Developed Jpeg color correction kernel for E-Color's Correction Server (C++, native dll)
  • Developed and maintained other parts of that server architecture (Java servlets)
  • Developed Image Publishing Software for customers (applet)
  • Developed several test and research applications for in-house color-science purposes (VC++, MFC)
  • Several contributions to fundamental color-science fields, resulting in three patents in my name (Color correction of Jpeg images, Perceptual classification of color displays and Calibration modeling of flat-panel displays)
  1998-1999 Independent Developer San Francisco, CA
  • Domain Oriented Programming Language (very extensive mathematical functionality, based on generic field paradigm.
  • Sound Plug-in 'FlexSound' for 3D Studio Max
  1996-1998 Triavest San Francisco, CA

Sr. R&D staff member

  • Research of artificial evolutionary techniques in multi-media applications
  • Developed plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop (genetic filter generation)
  • Developed camera calibration/registration algorithm for virtual sets
  1991-1996 Electrogig Amsterdam, the Netherlands

San Francisco, CA

Technology Founder, Principal System Architect

  • Responsible for basic research and technical design and implementation.
  • Designed a very large system for 3-D modeling, animation and rendering (3DGO).
  • Designed and implemented the language 'Intercol' as basis for this system.
  • Designed and implemented the original system (modeling, surface texturing, transformation, lights, camera, etc.) in this language.
  • Also integrated a very advanced procedural texture mapping and shading language into Intercol.
  • Designed TIFF extensions for post processing and compositing of synthetic images. (pixel info on depth, surface normal, lighting, texture coordinates, etc.)
  • Designed and implemented a (2nd) new programming language IL with the following characteristics:
  • unification of image processing, (2-D and 3-D) modeling, texturing, animation and sound, based on intensional logic.
  • generic user-interface coupling,
  • object oriented linking of C-functionality to interpreter
  • Designed and implemented a new texture editor for 3DGO.
  • Conceptual design of an authoring system for 'virtual sets' for the San Francisco office. In 1996 appointed head of research there.
Residence Status Green Card (EB1-EA)

Skills, expert level

20+ years


Graphics (3D,2D), animation and imaging

digital sound and music

language design and implementation

Algorithms (mathematics, physics, AI)

Education University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • BS equiv. Mathematics and Physics
  • Numerical Mathematics and Computer Science

Institute for Sonology, Utrecht, the Netherlands

  • Analog and Digital signal processing
  • Computer music composition and sound synthesis
Miscellaneous Computer Music Composition
  • International performances.

Cooperation on Audiovisual Productions

  • Procedural Modeling, Texturing and Animation.

Computer Art

  • SIGGRAPH Art Show, Chicago 92
  • Several expositions in US and the Netherlands 93-95
  • Sausalito Art Festival, by invitation 97, 98
  • Group Exposition, Gallery One, Point Reyes 98