I developed a sound plug-in for MAX.

With this plug-in you can do everything with sound, inside MAX, that you want to do before postproduction. You can mix an unlimited amount of soundtracks and synchronize them in any way with the animation. And you can do all the synchronization in TrackView.

It is possible to slow down and speed up the sound with local control. And this doesn't influence the frequency or quality:



This gives much more control then would be possible with postproduction tools, where at best you can only stretch the complete sound. The keys in each soundtrack can be manipulated exactly like any animation key.

Also you can use ordinary MAX controllers for the volume and balance of the sound.


To get an idea of all the possibilities download the help file.

This algorithm was especially developed for FlexSound, and it works completely different from any other of its sort. It keeps optimal quality for all kinds of sound (speech, effects and music) whithout any trial and error from the user.


Transform Controller plug-in for 3D Studio MAX. The behavior of these controllers can be compared to Linear and Smooth Rotation, but rather working on any transformation. They will interpolate between any keyframe transformations, but won't give control by function graphs. This is because the transformations are not decomposed into translation, rotation and scaling parts. The good thing is that the user is free to combine transformations in any order, switching between coordinate systems as he or she pleases.

Mcontrol.zip (MAX 1.2 57,323 bytes)

Mcontrol2.zip (MAX 2.5 68,351 bytes)

Mcontrol3.zip (MAX 3.0 60,975 bytes)

Mcontrol4.zip (MAX 4.0 61,370 bytes)

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